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Travel Guide to Coonoor

Coonoor is one of the three Nilgiri hill stations – Ooty, Kotagiri and Coonoor – that sit high above the southern plains. Smaller and quieter than Ooty (20km northwest), it has some fantastic heritage hotels and guesthouses, from which you can do exactly the same things (hike, visit tea plantations, marvel at mountain views) you would do from bigger, busier Ooty. From upper Coonoor, 1km to 3km northeast (uphill) from the town centre, you can look down over a sea of red-tile rooftops to the slopes beyond and soak up the cool climate, quiet environment and beautiful scenery. But you get none of the above in lower (central) Coonoor, which is a bustling, honking mess.
Tourists across the globe love buying the famous hand-embroidered shawls, Toda jewellery, shadow-worked bed sheets, and handmade antiques in Coonoor. It is well known for its organic products such as fresh honey, pure lavender and eucalyptus essential oil, and a variety of jams like mulberry, peach, passion fruit. Coonoor also offers myriad aromatic tea. A festival called Tea and Tourism Festival is an annual celebration in Coonoor. It is a major hit amongst the tea fanatics. Tourists can indulge in the regional cuisine such as dosai, vadai accompanied by coconut chutney and the typical South Indian speciality; Sambar. Although, renowned for it’s tea plantation, tourists can find the authentic South Indian filter coffee on every restaurant menu.
Nightlife is all about enjoying and having a good time while the sun goes off to sleep! Nightlife in Coonoor is full of vigor and energy. Young and old, rich and not so rich, everyone comes together to have a taste of the thrilling nightlife of Coonoor. Enjoy a few drinks at one of the numerous bars or clubs in Coonoor. Feel like dancing? Enjoy a night of stimulating dances at one of the discotheques of Coonoor. While not a Paris or New York, the nightlife in Coonoor is top notch! Alternative for places with little or no nightlife: There’s not much to do at night in Coonoor. Nightlife in Coonoor mainly consists of a few small bars. You can go for a drink or two at the bars and enjoy a good snack. After a good tiring day of activities, nightlife in Coonoor mainly consists of sleeping comfortably in your bed!

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